Appva capturing data for TENA Identifi™

The incontinence management tool TENA Identifi™ makes it possible to automatically collect information about an individual’s urine leakage (volume and frequency) during 72 hours. The information is used as the basis for care planning (correct toilet- and change routines) and also for the prescription of incontinence aid. During the sensor measurement the caregiver register data in MCSS as a complement for the sensor registration.

Appva and SCA have together developed an integration between Appva’s Medication and Care Support System (MCSS) and SCA’s sensor tool TENA Identifi™. Events and actions related to the incontinence care are registered in MCSS and are automatically transferred to the web tool TENA Identifi™. In the web tool, a report about the individual’s leakage and toilet pattern is generated and together with MCSS a customized medication and care plan including incontinence care is available in MCSS, one of the most user-friendly mobile interface for elderly care sector.

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