About Appva

About Appva

100,000 daily users keep us dedicated.

Our mission is to create simple, intuitive user interfaces in an accessible and stable environment.

The idea of a mobile and digital solution for the signing of prescribed actions was born in Sweden in 2011. For eight months, requirements and requests were collected from various user groups. In December 2012, the first signing was done at the municipal nursing care provider, Tre Stiftelser, in Sweden.

Heavy growth

Appva reaches over 100 million records and 100,000 daily users.


Digital and mobile signing of Delegations in MCSS

Additional MCSS module enabling digital signing of delegations in mobile devices.
With this module, delegations can be digitally signed by certified healthcare staff in the MCSS administration portal and subsequently by the recipient healthcare staff directly in the mobile device interface.


Appva integrates AI technology into its MCSS

The use of AI technology to streamline and automate time-consuming and laborious administrative tasks, is set to transform elderly healthcare and our society. Appva is positioning itself at the forefront of innovation by incorporating cutting-edge AI algorithms to deliver advanced healthcare solutions to customers.


Appva launches Inventory module and integrates TENA Identifi™ in MCSS

Appva introducing Inventory module for medical supplies and integrates TENA Identifi™ sensor technology as part of its MCSS.


Launching MCSS for iPhone with support for NFC

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a set of communication protocols that enables the contactless exchange of information and simplifies MCSS user interface.


ISO 27001-certificate

Appva’s information security management system is certified according to ISO 27001


Increased number of users

Appva reaches 20 million digital transactions and around 20,000 daily users.


TENA Identifi™ and MCSS

SCA makes TENA Identifi™ available with MCSS.


Appva in Japan

Homes for the elderly in Japan show interest in MCSS leading to establishing Appva in Japan.


MCSS research

Research is made into the effectiveness of MCSS and the results published in the international journal CIN – Computers, Informatics, Nursing. The article is written by Malin Alenius, PhD and Peter MD Graf, PhD, with the title: Use of Electronic Medication Administration Records to Reduce Perceived Stress and Risk of Medication Errors in Nursing Homes.


MCSS in App Store

Appva launches MCSS native app for iOS.


MCSS gives results

Over 90% drop in measured irregularities in medication.
Benefit analysis made by customer, ROI < 6 months.


MCSS grows

Around ten municipalities use MCSS, the system has around 2,000 users and over two million digital transactions.


MCSS for Android

In summer 2013 MCSS is launched for Android and several municipalities start using this system.

Summer 2013

MCSS CE-marking

CE-marking for MCSS as medical device product Class I, with the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

Winter 2013

MCSS introduced

In December 2012 MCSS is used for the first time, at a home for the elderly in Gothenburg, Sweden, with digital signatures for around 50 residents.

Autumn 2012

Potential Quality Innovation winner 2012

The Institute for Quality Development in the Nordic and Baltic countries awards MCSS as winner in the Potential Quality Innovation category 2012.


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